長陽開發科技(股)公司(New E Materials Co., Ltd)成立於2009年10月,由長興材 料與光陽工業合資成立,並於2011年10月獲得英業達集團入股投資。我們是一家創新研發的公司,成員均來自相關領域並擁有多年經驗並具有專業素養,承襲長興材料重視研發的理念,著重自我研究開發技術,重視產品品質。相信一定可以提供您品質穩定且符合需求的產品、專業的技術支援與服務,並與客戶建立良好且友善的溝通管道。長陽開發科技位於南部科學園區高雄園區,提供液晶顯示器及太陽能產業製程用電子化學材料相關銷售服務,並提供光電及半導體製程設備零組件。我們的產品均委由通過ISO9002、ISO14001、OHSAS18001、TOSHMS等相關驗證之廠商製造生產,以期盡力提供最好產品品質予客戶使用。

New E Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2009 , a joint venture between Eternal Materials and Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.. In addition, Inventec Group also made an investment in October 2011 to become another important partner.An innovative company with a well-experienced and professional team, we inherit the spirits of research and development from Eternal Materials and keep on enhancing the best quality of products. Our beliefs are to provide the utmost quality and services to meet every customer’s requirements. Friendly and effective communication channels were also established with the customers for more reliable information sharing. New E Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Kaohsiung Science Park. We are providing products and services relevant to electronic chemical materials for liquid crystal display(LCD), solar energy industries as well as the supply of components for photoelectric and semiconductor industries. Our products are all ISO9002, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TOSHMS certified so as to provide the best product quality for customers.